What a wedding!

Brandon loves Krystal! and Krystal loves Brandon! That’s all they need. Their day is planned and it’s going to be beautiful! The church has a gorgeous pipe organ that’s really cool to see and hear. Their families are coming in from all over the country.
But Friday… Three Rivers is hit by a severe thunderstorm that takes out power to the church. No lights, no air conditioning… no organ. The church basement flooded too. Lots of humidity.
Saturday morning… the families pull together and hook up a generator to get some A/C into the bride’s dressing room and the ladies all congregate in there. They drive up in an RV for the men to stay cool in. The church is lit up for a candlelight ceremony and acoustic music is provided by a guitar and piano.
Saturday night… the reception is held 4 blocks away where the power never went out and a great party was held.


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