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9 Reasons Why Hiring an Amateur Wedding DJ Is a Huge Mistake

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

What most couples who are planning a wedding don’t know is that saving money by hiring an amateur DJ for your wedding comes with a high price tag. Before you make a decision you regret, here are some things you need to know.

1. There’s a high probability that a cheap (or free) DJ won’t be in business by the time your wedding arrives.

Many low-priced DJs aren’t charging enough to support their own businesses for the long term; you’re just financing their hobby. Meanwhile, your wedding is 6-12 months away or more.

We’ve received those calls from desperate couples who had a “friend of a friend” DJ cancel on them last minute. It’s not pretty.

Do you want to risk the possibility that the cheapie DJ is bankrupt and out of business before your big day?

2. Amateurs are less invested in their performance than a wedding professional.

The amateur DJ is doing it “for fun,” and if something goes wrong, it’s not a big deal. A wedding professional, on the other hand, risks his entire reputation and livelihood with every performance. One bad review can destroy his business and he knows it.

At one wedding, the DJ brought along his wife and newborn. Their table was littered with McDonald’s bags and his wife decided to breastfeed the baby during dinner.

Would you rather have an entertainer who is 100% invested in his business and performance on your wedding day or someone who does it as a hobby?

3. A wedding is a unique event that require the skills and experience of a wedding specialist for a smooth, flawless ceremony and reception.

It’s about more than just playing music. Your wedding DJ is responsible for coordinating the timeline, orchestrating the introduction and flow of events, working with your other vendors, managing the guests, reading the crowd and making sure the right song is played at just the right time.

Even a DJ who is quite experienced in the club setting will be at a loss because she simply isn’t familiar with the flow of events and how to prevent disasters when something goes awry.

One inexperienced DJ mistakenly announced a special dance with the bride and her grandfather because he forgot to update his notes. The entire family started crying because Grandpa had passed away two weeks earlier.

Are you willing to place the outcome of your wedding in the hands of someone who doesn’t “do” weddings for a living?

4. Your guests won’t dance without an experienced entertainer who can read the crowd and keep the momentum going.

You have to play the right songs at the right time and in the right order to maintain dancing. Oftentimes, the mood changes and your entertainer needs to change the program to maximize the dancing along the way.

If she can’t mix from one song to another, you’ll have gaps of “dead air” or awkward rhythms that will frustrate your guests and clear the floor.

Many couples think that providing an amateur with a set list of songs they love will be enough to make a fun wedding. It’s not. You need someone with experience to work with your requests and what your guests are responding to in order to avoid an empty dance floor.

One bride regrets hiring her DJ because he played “Unforgettable” five times during the wedding because he didn’t know any other slow songs.

Are you willing to sacrifice the fun at your wedding to save money on a cheaper DJ?

5. The MC (the guy or girl on the microphone) has a huge impact on the mood and outcome of your party, for better or worse.

An obnoxious DJ with an abrasive voice will irritate your guests and dampen the mood of the entire party. Professional DJs invest in vocal training and practice to optimize their performance.

I personally witnessed one DJ and embarrass everyone by making suggestive comments to the bride over the microphone.

Do you want just anyone acting as your wedding host or do you want a professional speaker you can trust?

6. Your special events may not happen if you don’t hire a specialist who’s experienced in channeling the flow of events.

Who will direct your bridal party and guests at the ceremony? Who’s going to line them up for introductions? Who’s in charge of making sure the toasts, special dances and dedications go without a hitch?

Just having the equipment and knowing how to push play doesn’t guarantee the people wrangling skills you need for a fun, smooth reception. In most cases, your entertainer is the one who makes sure your special events are executed as you’ve requested.

One inexperienced DJ forgot to bring the couple’s First Dance song; they were forced to dance to Barbra Streisand, who they can’t stand.

Will you risk leaving your special events to chance or do you want to ensure that everything is done according to plan?

7. An amateur doesn’t have the experience to include your unique requests in a way that truly expresses your personality AND keeps people dancing.

You can’t make your guests dance to the songs you like if they don’t feel the same way. Your DJ needs to read the crowd and have the experience to build sets of music around your preferences.

An amateur DJ can play the songs you request, but lacks the experience necessary to make it work.

One bride told us her DJ played the unedited version of Sexxy Back during dinner and had five minutes of dead air while he queued up the next song.

Do you want your guests on the dance floor all night or is it acceptable to have large chunks of time with no dancing?

8. An amateur DJ has inadequate or non-existent backup equipment, which means that if something fails you have no music at your wedding.

A fully functional backup system on the premises is essential to making sure you have music at your wedding no matter what. Most amateur DJs won’t have a backup plan if a speaker blows or a laptop crashes.

We were approached at the end of one wedding by a DJ in the next room who asked if he could “borrow our speakers” because his were broken.

Are you willing to takes your chances without a backup on your wedding day?

9. DJs who charge less invest less into their equipment, which means you have inferior sound and performance at your wedding.

A stereo system that sounds great in your living room doesn’t sound good in a spacious wedding venue. Professional speakers and equipment are necessary for clear sound that has impact at low volumes, so your guests can speak at the tables even while the dance floor is thumping.

If you want your guests to actually hear your exchange of vows at the ceremony, you’ll need professional equipment and an onsite tech to make sure that happens.

One DJ showed up at a venue for the first time without ANY speakers or mixer because he’s been told that he could, “use the venue’s sound system” and he didn’t call ahead to verify.

Are sound issues like blasting music or impossible to understand audio acceptable on your wedding day?

If you’re not planning to have any formal events at your wedding, and you’d like a cocktail party more than a dance party, it may make sense to save money by hiring a non-professional. But if you’re investing thousands of dollars on creating the perfect day, please don’t jeopardize it by hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Your wedding day only happens once; make sure you hire a DJ who gets it right.


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South Bend DJ | Reception of Sarah & Paul

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

South Bend DJMaster DJ Paul and owner of the Music Machine was the entertainment for the wedding reception of Sarah & Paul at the Studebaker Museum in South Bend!

We love feedback from our clients!


Disc Jockey Philosophy

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Michiana party friends, fellow DJs, music fans… The Music Machine found an article in InTheMix this week that I would like to share.  It’s about the “secrets” to success in my chosen profession.  So many disc jockeys believe that their mixing skills are enough.  There sometimes seems to be a lack of regard, and sometimes complete disdain, for personality and connection.    Even the most celebrated entertainers in EDM know this is not the case.  Here’s the bit from world famous DJ Norman Cook… you may have heard of him as Fatboy Slim!

Brighton veteran Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, was the first of the DJ mentors to arrive, armed with a handwritten list of his golden rules. He also has a compelling story to tell about managing the excesses of DJ life. Here’s what he’s learned over an illustrious DJ career.

“Always make sure you’re having 20-percent more fun than your crowd. You have to lead by example. It’s one of the basic rules of DJing. It’s ironic me saying this, because I actually gave up drinking three years ago. But for the majority of my DJ career, I felt that I had to be very much ‘in the party’.

This is probably the most important one. The only perceived wisdom that that I can give from my own personal experience, is that mixing skills are secondary to your personality, the music you play, and how you play it. Highly technical DJs like Carl Cox are still always looking out at the audience. At the end of the day, you’re there to have a connection with the crowd, and to share a common experience through the music. You’ve got to make them think that you’re their friend, and vice versa.

And there is a certain look you get [from the dancefloor] that says, Yeah, I’m really enjoying this. Otherwise you might get a look that says, ‘What the #^%@ are you doing?’ It’s not just about sitting in your bedroom and doing this really clever mix, it’s also about entertaining people. It’s not such a difficult principle to latch onto.

I believe at the heart of dance music there’s a constant, which is to provide the soundtrack for young people going out and escaping. It’s a common celebration. Though the noises might change slightly, the reason why we do this doesn’t change. The politics don’t shift from the left to the right.”

“Have 20-percent more fun than your crowd”… “Always looking out”… “very much in the party”…. These are the rules!


Music Machine Palais Royale Preferred Provider

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Music Machine would like to thank Matthew Whitlock Photography for allowing us to use this fantastic photo that he took at the Palais Royale in our newest ad! Matthew is a fantastic wedding photographer and if you are looking for someone to shoot your Michiana Wedding check him out.

The ad will be featured in the New Palais Royale banquet brochure coming out soon. Music Machine is a Preferred Provider at the Palais Royale working with Jesse, Scott and their team of professionals to make the South Bend and Notre Dame wedding dreams of brides and grooms come true! So if you are looking for a classic, elegant, historic local for your wedding reception check out the Palais Royale.

Then give us a call, since 1975, Music Machine has been the DJs for thousands of wedding reception across Northern Indiana. The right DJ. The Right Music… Music Machine creates an Event Like No Other!

South Bend Wedding DJs


Elkhart Wedding DJ Chris & Abby

Monday, August 20th, 2012

It was a beautiful day on Saturday for the Elkhart wedding of Chris & Abby. You could not have asked for a more perfect day to get married outside at this wedding and the Music Machine had the honor of being the DJ company that entertained the guests at the reception, held at Christiana Creek Country Club in Elkhart.

The Music Machine DJ arrived early and was ready to go before the wedding ceremony began out on the golf course. Abby and her bridesmaids waited in the banquet hall and our DJ played a few fun tunes for the ladies that got them dancing.

Elkhart DJ, Disc JockeyWhat better way to start your wedding ceremony than with a happy dace. A couple of songs that our DJ entertained the bridal party with was I Got A Feeling by Black Eyed Peas, Chappel Of Love, and sent them outside to White Wedding by Billy Idol.

After the ceremony it was back inside for a cocktail hour of Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Paul Anka and many others requested by the newlyweds. For their first dance our DJ spun Rascal Flatts song for the first dance.

It was a great night at this Elkhart Wedding with a wide selection of music being loved by the guests. Our DJ played a wide selection of disco, hip hop, rock and pop and yes the most popular song of the year was requested, Call Me Lately. Thanks to the Matt and the staff of Christiana Creek, our DJ had a great time working with them.

If you would like to see more images from the wedding of Chris & Abby check out our facebook page, our DJ got several great shots of the decor and wedding at Christiana Creek!


Congratulations to Chris & Abby, it was great working with you and we wish you many happy years together! Thanks for hiring the Music Machine.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Christiana Creek Country Club
DJ: Music Machine

South Bend Wedding | DJ

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

We already posted some pictures and details from the fabulous South Bend wedding of Daniel & Sara at Tippecanoe Place. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame. The wedding reception followed in downtown South Bend on the grounds of the historic home of the Studebaker family. Music Machine master DJ Paul Chamberlin had the honor of being Daniel & Sara’s wedding DJ and MC. It was one of the many hot days we have experienced this summer, but this bride, groom and their wedding guests came to party and the dance floor was filled all night to the all too early end of the reception. As disc jockeys this is the type of wedding that we love!

Well the fantastic team at Wedding Day Cinema created this trailer of the day’s events, check it out!



Disc Jockey South Bend Palais Royale

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Palais Royale, in South Bend, was the location of Kat & Rex’s wedding reception. Music Machine’s  master DJ Kenny had the honor of being the disc jockey for this wonderful couple for their South Bend wedding! Palais Royale is one of the most beautiful wedding reception banquet halls in the South Bend region and it couldn’t have been better looking for this bride and grooms wedding day. It was a wedding reception of laughter, tears and most of all celebration with dancing. As disc jockeys this is the type of wedding reception that we look forward to, where everyone is ready to get out and dance.

Check out these wonderful photos by Amanda Fales Photography from the wedding reception. You can see more of this wonderful wedding on her blog!.

South Bend Palais Royale

Palais Royale South Bend Indiana


Wedding Day

Wedding Reception South Bend

Wedding Reception Palais Royale

Wedding Disc Jockey South Bend

Disc Jockey South Bend

Mother Son DanceDJ in South Bend


Also check out this great wedding video by Jet Kaiser Films


Thank you to Kat & Rex for hiring the Music Machine to provide disc jockey and master of ceremonies services for your wedding reception! DJ Kenny and us enjoyed working with you!


prep: Doubletree Hotel, South Bend
ceremony: River Valley Church, Mishawaka
reception: Palais Royale, South Bend
wedding video: Jet Kaiser Films
photos: Amanda Fales Photography
disc jcokey: Music Machine
planning: Merry Me! Events
floral design: Merry Me! Events
cake: SugaRush Desserts

South Bend Disc Jockey Tippecanoe Place

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Master Disc Jockey and owner of Music Machine, Paul Chamberlin, had the honor of serving as Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey for the wedding reception of Daniel & Sara at Tippecanoe Place in South Bend, under a tent. What a terrific couple and what a fabulous wedding reception. It was a hot day but everything went smoothly thanks to the talented team of Wedding Planner Cynthia Basker and Celebrated Events from South Bend.

The day started off for Daniel & Sara at the beautiful Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame where they were married. What a beautiful place to be married in,the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. From there the guests and family were bussed to downtown South Bend and the grounds of Tippecanoe Place for the reception where Celebrated Events along with MichaelAngelos had turned the grounds into a wedding paradise with a slightly rustic feel.

The newlyweds enjoyed a wonderful first dance to the song “You Send Me”–Sam Cooke. Afterwards the party kicked into high gear with the guests dancing the night away to the very end of the reception!

Check out some of photos we shot of the tent/decorations and dancing below!

South Bend Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey South BendSouth Bend Weddings

Wedding Disc Jockey South Bend

South Bend Wedding Entertainment

Master DIsc Jockey South Bend

Master Disc Jockey Paul Chamberlin ready to rock the party for Sara & Daniel at Tippecanoe Place in South Bend.

Wedding Disc Jockey


Check out the wedding trailer from Wedding Day Cinema in Chicago!


Ceremony: Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Reception: Tippecanoe Place
Wedding Planner: Celebrated Events
Wedding Reception Disc Jockey: Music Machine
Decor: Celebrated Events & MitchaelAngelos The Event Company
Wedding Video: Wedding Day Cinema

South Bend DJ | Palais Royale

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Every wedding is a dream come true, special and unique and we have the privilege of helping many South Bend brides achieve their dream wedding and reception every year. As DJs in South Bend helping accomplish these wedding dreams for brides in northern Indiana, is very rewarding and fulfilling and we treasure the memories from every one of our former brides and grooms. Every so often though a wedding reception comes along that is one for the record books where guests, newlyweds and the disc jockey just clicks into one unstoppable rocking party that you wish would never end. A wedding reception that we will never forget.

The wedding reception of Aimee and Mark is one of those events. Aimee and Mark were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame and chose the Palais Royale, in South Bend, for their wedding reception. From the moment the guests entered the Palais Royale, the fun just didn’t stop until the lights came on. It kicked off with an incredibly sweet toast by the maid of honor and an equally touching toast by the best man. From there the Aimee and Mark cut their spectacular looking cake and took to the dance floor and were soon joined by their family and friends.

Later in the reception the groomsmen rolled a piano into the center of the dance floor and Mark sat down at the ivory while Aimee led everyone in a rousing rendition of Piano Man. Check out the images below, this was one wedding for the our record books!

Wedding: Notre Dame Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Reception: Palais Royale in South Bend
Photographer: Valentino’s Photographics
Cake: Rascia’s
Entertainment: Music Machine

Notre Dame Wedding Disc Jockey

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Easter is next weekend and after that the 2012 wedding season will kick into high gear. It is a busy season us at the Music Machine, as disc jockeys, and we are looking forward to all of the up coming weddings and assisting in making the wedding receptions of our brides and grooms just spectacular!

In anticipation of all the wonderful weddings this season, we thought we would take a moment to look backward to one of the beautiful and spectacular weddings we had the pleasure of providing disc jockey and master of ceremonies services at last summer. Here are some of the lovely images from Amanda Fales Photography from the wedding of Kendra and Pierre.

Kendra and Pierre were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame. The wedding reception followed at the historical Palais Royale in downtown South Bend, one of our favorite reception venues to DJ at! It was a joyous and emotional happy wedding reception, with lots of laughter, fun and most of all dancing!You can see more gorgeous images from this beautiful wedding on the Amanda Fales blog.

Later in the night these guys showed up! What a really fun wedding reception and we feel honored to have provided the disc jockey entertainment for it! You can read more on this wedding at our original post South Bend Wedding DJ Tango.

Wedding: Basiclica of the Sacred Heart, Notre Dame
Reception Venue: Palais Royale
Entertainment: Music Machine
Photography: Amanda Fales Photography
Decore: Michaelangelos

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