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Disc Jockey Philosophy

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Michiana party friends, fellow DJs, music fans… The Music Machine found an article in InTheMix this week that I would like to share.  It’s about the “secrets” to success in my chosen profession.  So many disc jockeys believe that their mixing skills are enough.  There sometimes seems to be a lack of regard, and sometimes complete disdain, for personality and connection.    Even the most celebrated entertainers in EDM know this is not the case.  Here’s the bit from world famous DJ Norman Cook… you may have heard of him as Fatboy Slim!

Brighton veteran Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, was the first of the DJ mentors to arrive, armed with a handwritten list of his golden rules. He also has a compelling story to tell about managing the excesses of DJ life. Here’s what he’s learned over an illustrious DJ career.

“Always make sure you’re having 20-percent more fun than your crowd. You have to lead by example. It’s one of the basic rules of DJing. It’s ironic me saying this, because I actually gave up drinking three years ago. But for the majority of my DJ career, I felt that I had to be very much ‘in the party’.

This is probably the most important one. The only perceived wisdom that that I can give from my own personal experience, is that mixing skills are secondary to your personality, the music you play, and how you play it. Highly technical DJs like Carl Cox are still always looking out at the audience. At the end of the day, you’re there to have a connection with the crowd, and to share a common experience through the music. You’ve got to make them think that you’re their friend, and vice versa.

And there is a certain look you get [from the dancefloor] that says, Yeah, I’m really enjoying this. Otherwise you might get a look that says, ‘What the #^%@ are you doing?’ It’s not just about sitting in your bedroom and doing this really clever mix, it’s also about entertaining people. It’s not such a difficult principle to latch onto.

I believe at the heart of dance music there’s a constant, which is to provide the soundtrack for young people going out and escaping. It’s a common celebration. Though the noises might change slightly, the reason why we do this doesn’t change. The politics don’t shift from the left to the right.”

“Have 20-percent more fun than your crowd”… “Always looking out”… “very much in the party”…. These are the rules!


South Bend DJ Events

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

A couple of notable events… Notre Dame Food Services celebrated their annual employee party. These folks work hard through the holiday season, so NDFS takes the weekend before the students come back to recognize and appreciate their employees with a celebration. This year was at the Gillespie Event Center at the Hilton Garden Inn. Over 500 guests danced with DJ Paul,.

This was the night that began the 30 inch Snowmageddon that hit Michiana.

The 26th Annual Bridal Spectacular was held the following Sunday at the Century Center. Over 400 brides and their friends & family braved the the weather to meet and greet Michiana’s best wedding professionals. The Music Machine’s DJ Paul was the Disc Jcokey and Master of Ceremonies for the fashion show.

The next week was St. Joe High School’s Midwinter Formal. Paul provided a Top Pop and eclectic mix. Great students! See you at Prom!

Game Show for the Holidays

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

This season has been busy! I just wanted to share a photo from this year’s game… Are You Smarter… complete with Celebrity Guest 5th Graders for the contestants to “cheat” off of. Kevin & Daniel… you guys ROCK!